The Resumé/Cover Letter stage; your first chance to set yourself apart from the crowd. This step sets a strong foundation for the later stages, and a good CV can give you the confidence to zoom through the later stages of the application process. The main focuses for success here are to:

  • Make sure you advertise yourself well and emphasise what you bring to the table
  • Show the company that you are interested in them
  • Be clear and succinct – employers don’t want to read something that waffles on 

At GradJobHacks we aren’t writing your resume or cover letter for you, but instead we are teaching you how to be self-sufficient. Writing a resume/cover letter properly is tough and requires nuance so we want to put you in a position where you can write an outstanding one, regardless of the role.

A breakdown of our resume review service: 


  • Deep dive of your resume/cover letter
  • Recommendations for how to add more value to your resume (including skills and courses)
  • Industry tailored cover letter guidance
  • LinkedIn coaching to spruce up your profile




Once you have booked, please send over a copy of your resumé and most recent cover letter and we will organise a 60-minute zoom call to provide feedback and discuss next steps. In addition to this we  review of up to 2 revisions of your next draft.


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